Alternative Dispute Resolution in British Columbia

Conflict is a simple reality of our modern lives.  Although we manage it daily, once in a while we are faced with a conflict presenting no apparent solution.

Mediation is a facilitated dispute resolution process between two or more parties, where the mediator helps the the parties find common ground.

An arbitrator is selected by disputing parties, and reviews their evidence and arguments before rendering a decision that is binding on both parties.

A new ADR practice, the mediation – arbitration process is a hybrid approach that starts with mediation and can change to a binding arbitration decision if the mediation is not successful.

In my career, I’ve helped people manage and negotiate conflict for over thirty years.  Drawing on that experience, I’ve come to believe that early intervention is critical to any dispute resolution, whether or not the legal system is involved. I believe strongly in the mediation process. It can be a potently effective tool that allows each party to be heard, balances power, and reveals pathways to agreement that we may not see at first. As a nationally Chartered Mediator (C.Med.), Certified Arbitrator (C.Arb.) and Certified Med-Arb (C.Med-Arb) practicioner with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada, I offer a wide range of alternative dispute resolution services,  which can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Balanced Interests. Confidentiality. Real and Lasting Resolution.

With Rose ADR, you drive the process, not the other way around